Confidential: What Lyes Boudiaf said to President Macron

Founder and President of Isly Holding is what is called a nationalist and proven businessman. During his press briefing at the CIC, where he had just announced his association with the French laboratory Ipsen, Mr. Boudiaf kindly revealed in all transparency, the content of his discussion with the French president on the occasion of the lunch at the Embassy of France. He said: “President Macron wanted to listen to how we managed to get this project under the aegis of Law 51/49. After my explanation, he wished to make this mixed society an example of success in order to multiply this kind of Franco-Algerian achievement. “

Mr. Boudiaf said it was the only private to sign a contract with a private French company at the High-Level Intergovernmental Committee France – Algeria (CIHN) December 7, which was already a challenge, because the private sector never venture into risky areas such as advanced technology transfer into the drug.

Lyes Boudiaf is what is called in the business world, a winner! No family relationship with the former Minister of Health Abdelmalek Boudiaf. He had denied the information given by Liberte, who cited it in the HSBC account business.

Like Hamoud Boualem, Mehri, or Kouninef, Lyes Boudiaf is part of a family of Algerian businessmen very discreet and honest. Twenty years ago, he became a member of Servunic, a company created by his father, Mohamed Boudiaf (better known in the medical world as Hamoudi), who specialized in importing pharmaceutical products. It is also with emotion that he greeted the presence of his father at the press conference, attended the success of his son, at the launch of his association with Ipsen.

After dissolving the family business in 2007, Lyes Boudiaf created a milk and dairy product company, Lactis Dairy, and an industry and energy consulting firm, Parted, incorporated in May 2016. Always where it is not expected, in 2010 he creates Partex Algeria Oil & Gas, a company specializing in the installation, repair and maintenance of any equipment or operation operating on gas in consortium with Sonatrach-Total for the exploitation of the Ahnet gas field. The company’s activities were expanded in April 2012 to include “oil drilling, oil-related studies and engineering, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon extraction, hydrocarbon-related analyzes, petroleum refining and other oil services”. A new adventure awaits him, the drug.


Lyes Boudiaf